YgriegaDesign is a Montreal-based platform for mindful design at the service of non-profit organizations, small and local businesses, activists, artists and academic workers.

\/\/ The Veins in the Soil

The Veins in the Soil - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ The Art of Being

The Art of Being - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Crisis

Crisis Exhibition - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Hive Café Manifesto

Hive Café Manifesto - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Dialogue on Duluth

Dialogue on Duluth - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ St. Jude Children’s Home

St. Jude Children's Home - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Café Martin

Martin Cafe Website - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Blüming Gâteaux

Blüming Gâteaux - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Victor Arroyo

Victor Arroyo - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Monsters International

Monsters International Logo - YgriegaDesign

\/\/ Lobo Loco


\/\/ Bonnie Blink


\/\/ The Land That Blinks

The Land That Blinks - YgriegaDesign